Happy Friday friends! 

If you've looked at Etsy at all, or any crafty marketplace really, you've probably noticed that the prices for these items tends to be more expensive than what you'd pay in a retail store.

There is a reason for this.

Handmade takes time. A lot of time. Personally, I can expect to spend anywhere from 2-8 hours crafting one single item! It also takes hours of research, time spent learning new techniques, time spent purchasing materials and supplies, and time to package and ship these items. If you spend 8 hours at your job, you expect a fair wage for those hours, right? Well, handmade is my job! And as much as I hate to say it, this girl's got bills to pay. 

Also, factor in the cost of materials and supplies these days. You've probably noticed that everything is more expensive than it used to be, and the same applies to everything that makers need to run their businesses. 

Think about this: when you buy a scarf from me, there are dozens of things that I need to make that scarf come to life. I need yarn (obviously), but I also need the crochet hook or knitting needles to make it. I need props to take the photos that made you fall in love with it, and I need a computer and internet access to put it up in the shop so you can find it. I need paper to create a tag for it, and pens to write the info you need to know to take care of it. I need packaging materials to get it to you safely.  I need a printer and paper and ink to make the label that gets it where it needs to go. And every single one of these needs costs money. 

I know that you can buy that super cute scarf from Target for much less than one of mine, and I certainly won't hold that against you! (I love Target too!) But that super cute scarf from Target is one of millions that look just like it. And who knows where it was made, or who made it (a machine, probably). But when you buy one of mine, you know exactly where it came from. You know exactly who made it. And you'll know that it was made with the utmost care, by somebody who truly enjoyed making it. 

I know you don't have to buy handmade. There are so many options available to you, and I'm glad that those options exist! But when you do buy from a small business like mine, you are supporting so many different and wonderful people who are just like you; trying to make a living doing something that they love.