Hello everyone!

This is my very first foray into the world of blogging, so bear with me if I'm a little rough around the edges! I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a little bit about myself, and the story behind Stitches by Sullivan. 

My name is Dani, and I'm a 20-something gal from southern Minnesota. I love all things coffee, books, and, most especially, yarn! I learned how to knit when I was around 9 or 10 from my mom, who was a wonderfully patient teacher, but the most complicated piece I ever got through with knitting was a tiny baby cardigan. Too tiny. Poor nephew barely fit in it, but he was a trooper and let me try it anyway. 

Nephew was the catalyst that started me on the crochet trail; when I found out he was a bun in my sister-in-laws oven, I immediately started making ALL the baby things. He got a knitted hat and booties, and I wanted to make him a blanket too, but I really wanted it to be chevron, which was more than my meager knitting skills could manage. So I picked up a crochet hook and with a lot of help from the internet, a blanket came to be! And then, on a rather fateful trip to the yarn store, I found it - an amigurumi pattern book for zoo animals. And there was a giraffe. And I decided nephew HAD to have it. So again, with a lot of help from the internet, I struggled through that pattern book and made some of my very first plushies, and I was hooked! Since then, my knitting needles have been sadly neglected, and my collection of crochet hooks has grown out of control. Someday I'll have to thank nephew for inspiring me to learn a new craft, and take that craft to a professional level! For now, he's only 3, and all he cares about are construction toys. He is rather fond of a dinosaur amigurumi I made for him though, so he gets brownie points for that. 

It's only been about 4 years since I learned to crochet, and in that time I've made so many things it's kind of hard to keep track! For the longest time it was just a hobby though, something that I did if I didn't have a new book to read, or some other project going on. I made a lot of things for nephew and for myself, and people kept telling me "You should sell these!" And I'd laugh and forget about it. And they'd keep on telling me. And one day it sort of stuck, and I thought, "Maybe I could..." and thus the Etsy shop was born! 

It's been quite a journey so far - it's been less than a year since I became what I consider a real "maker" and the amount of learning I've had to do has been insane! Luckily, I am definitely not the first to take this path, so I have a lot of great inspiration and amazingly talented folks who've helped me along the way, whether they know it or not.

 I gave myself a year to make Stitches by Sullivan a success; if by the end of the year, I was a huge flop as a seller, I'd give it up and go back to being a hobbyist. But now that that year is coming to an end, I'm realizing that I don't want to stop. Stitches by Sullivan might not being doing as well as some other brands, but it's doing more than I'd ever hoped it would, and I'm not talking just about sales. It's forcing me out of my comfy little bubble, and out into the world, and it's given me the opportunity to grow and learn, and it's just so darn satisfying when a customer tells you "I love it!" So I'll keep on keeping on, because I'm getting to do what I love, and other people seem to love it too.

And if you've made it all the way to the end here, thank you!